Hosted by the Spokane PD and Spokane County SO K9 Units

This will be a working seminar so bring your dog and all your equipment.

(Check-in begins on 9-17-17 at 1500 hrs.)

LOCATION: King County, WA

EQUIPMENT: You will need all your K9 gear to include long lines, leashes, muzzles, etc. ALL HANDLERS (patrol, narc, and bomb) – please bring 100 rounds of pistol Simm ammo. On Wed handlers will be able to shoot multiple courses. Please bring 200 rounds of Frangible ammo for steel plates and live fire shoot house entries. Please bring 200 rounds of rifle ammo and 200 rounds of handgun ammo. If you want to shoot more feel free to bring as much ammo as you like.


  • Generalist/Patrol Scenarios: Generalist dogs will be training primarily at the Spokane Police Academy and various training sites in the city.
  • Narcotic and Explosive Scenarios: Training locations will include trains, vehicles, and houses. Explosive handlers make sure you bring a gas mask as you and your dog will be exposed to CS gas during a search (Optional).

CERTIFICATIONS: For Generalist, Narcotics, and Explosives we will be doing WSPCA Accreditations and CJTC WAC Certifications on Sunday 9-17-17 at 1000 hours.

Sign-up deadline is August 25th, 2017 If interested please notify either Dan Lesser at dlesser@spokanepolice.org or Paul Gorman at pgorman@spokanepolice.org. If you have not signed up by then you will not be able to participate. An accurate head count is required to ensure that we have enough trainers to administer the tests.


  • The Trainers/E-board meeting is at 1800 hrs. on 9-17-17
  • The General Membership meeting will be at 0800 hrs. on 9-18-17
  • Short Trainers/E-board meeting is at 1800 hrs. on 9-19-17

TRAINERS: To be cost effective, WSPCA trainers interested in attending this seminar must contact Dan Lesser at: dlesser@spokanepolice.org to confirm their spot in the seminar as a trainer. Otherwise you must attend as a working K9 team and pay the seminar fee.

HOST HOTEL: The hotel is cop and dog friendly. There will not be a damage deposit fee for those wishing to house their dog in the room. All rooms will be on the ground floor. When registering, use the WSPCA group code “WSPC0917” to get our discounted rate of $99.00 + tax.

Red Lion Hotel – River Inn
700 N. Division,
Spokane, WA 99201
Room Rates: $99.00 + tax
Request the group code “WSPC0917”
Room reservations must be made before *8-25-17* to receive the WSPCA rate

To avoid complaints from other hotel guests, WSPCA is asking that you pick up after your partner and keep barking to a minimum while at the hotel.


  • Sunday:
    • Registration will open at 1500 hrs. at the host hotel
    • Hospitality room will be open from 1700 to 2100 hrs
    • Trainers/E-Board/Quarry meeting at 1800 hrs
  • Monday:
    • Early registration 0700-0745
    • 0800 General Membership Meeting
    • Training from 0900 to 1800 hrs
  • Tuesday:
    • Training from 0800 to 1700 hrs.
    • 1800 hrs. Trainers/E-Board meeting
    • 1900 hrs. Banquet dinner at the Red Lion BBQ
  • Wednesday:
    • Training from 0800 to 1200 hrs. For Wednesday’s training, the handler will be able to shoot multiple shooting courses to include a 100-yard rifle range (200 rounds of rifle ammo), steel targets (bring 300 rounds of frangible ammo if you have it), pistol range (300 rounds of pistol ammo, and live fire shoot house. It is up to the handler if he wants to participate.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: It is critical that we receive a registration form from all attendees whether your agency is paying by check or through PayPal. To ensure you are registered, we suggest that you scan your registration form to Barbara Davenport at k9sayno@aol.com. If using the PayPal option online at www.wspca.com, ensure that a copy of the receipt is forwarded to Barbara along with the attendee’s registration form. In ALL cases, ensure the registration form accompanies the payment so that all payments can be credited to the correct attendee.


Dan Lesser
Spokane Police Department
(509) 370-0401

Paul Gorman
Spokane Police Department
(509) 981-2716

More information can be found on the Flyer


K-9 Advanced Handler Course

DATE: September 25th-28th, 2017

LOCATION: Spokane Police Academy

COST: $750 Per K9 Team

FLYER: View Here

For additional information or to register for this course, please contact Officer Craig Hamilton chamilton@spokanepolice.org

Spokane Police K-9

Trainer’s and E-Board Meeting


Bar 14 Restaurant (unless otherwise posted)
1800 S Canyon Rd, Ellensburg, WA, 98926


  • Fall Seminar
  • November 5th

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Accreditation of K-9 teams is provided at no cost to you or your agency
Reduced fees to our two annual seminars
Having access to our many K-9 trainers located all over the state
Being able to network with other handlers around the state