Hosted by Chelan County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit

  • DATE:
    April 14-16, 2020

    Begin on 4/13/20 at 1400 hrs.

  • COST:
    $300 – WSPCA Members
    $350 – Non-Members
    $100 – Observers


  • FLYER:

This will be a working seminar so bring your dog and all your equipment.


You will need all your K9 gear to include long lines, leashes, muzzles, safety glasses, inert guns if available, uniform attire etc.


  • The Trainers/E-Board meeting is at 1700 hrs. on 4/13/20
  • The General Membership meeting will be at 0800 on 4/14/20
  • Short Trainers/E-Board meeting at 1830 hrs. on 4/14/20


  • Generalist/Patrol Scenarios: Generalist teams will be training in locations in Chelan County and the City of Wenatchee. The focus for generalist teams will be scenario-based training throughout the seminar. Plan to be challenged as a team as well as be observers of others to gain further insight on how others approach problems.
  • Explosive & Narcotic Scenarios: Training locations will be in Chelan County and the city of Wenatchee to include vehicles, rooms, office areas, buses or semi’s, area searches, and parcels.


Contact Mike Lamon at (mike.lamon@co.chelan.wa.us) to confirm your spot as a trainer otherwise you must attend as a working K9 team and pay the seminar fee. Trainers who bring a dog will be responsible for the non-refundable pet fee. If you would like your own room, the WSPCA will pay for ONE HALF the hotel cost, the other half is up to you/your agency.


Quarries wishing to attend must confirm your spot as a quarry by contacting Mike Lamon at (mike.lamon@co.chelan.wa.us). To be cost effective it is vital you RSVP to be sure we have a spot for you. Quarry experience is not required, but we strongly encourage those who endeavor to be a handler and train dogs to attend.

The quarries working all 3 days will be provided per diem from the WSPCA, (if from out of town and a hotel stay is required). Quarries will need to room with handlers from the agency they are representing. If unable to room with a handler, the WSPCA will pair you with another solo quarry. If you would like your own room, the, WSPCA will pay for ONE HALF the hotel cost, the other half is up to you/your agency.


The hotel is cop and dog friendly. There will be a non-refundable pet fee of $30.00 (flat rate for your stay) for those wishing to house their dog in the room. With the Government Rate the room costs are as follows. Single ($96.00) Double ($106.00) Triple ($116.00). Let the hotel know you are with WSPCA to get the rate. Cut off date is March 24, 2020.

Red Lion
1225 N. Wenatchee Ave.
Wenatchee, WA. 98801
(509) 663-0711



  • Registration will open at 1400 hrs. at the host hotel.
  • Hospitality room will be open from 1700 – 2330 hrs.
  • Trainers/E-Board/Quarry meeting at 1700 hrs.


  • Late registration 0700 – 0800 hrs.
  • General Membership Meeting at 0800 hrs.
  • Training at sites from 0930 – 1800 hrs.
  • Trainers/E-Board meeting at 1830 hrs.
  • Cornhole Tournament at 1930.
    • $20 buy in per team $10 re-buy in (Retired Dog Fund)


  • Training site briefing for all attendees at hotel at 0730 hrs.
  • Training at sites from 0830 – 1730 hrs.
  • Banquet at 1900 hrs.


  • Training from 0900 – 1500 hrs.
  • This time to be used to fix any problems with K9’s utilizing the trainers
    and quarries. Finish up any sites or run through sites again to work out
    found problems.

Payment Information:

It is critical that we receive a registration form from all attendees whether your agency is paying by check or through PayPal. To ensure you are registered, we suggest that you scan your registration form to Barbara Davenport at k9sayno@aol.com. If using the PayPal option online, ensure that a copy of the receipt is forwarded to Barbara along with the attendee’s registration form. In ALL cases, ensure the registration form accompanies the payment so that all payments can be credited to the correct attendee.


Mike Lamon (Patrol)
Chelan County Sheriff
(509) 630-7560

Brad Norton (Patrol)
Chelan County Sheriff
(509) 630-7545

Mark Hegberg (Narcotics)
Chelan County Sheriff
(509) 630-7549

  • DATE:
    April 14-16, 2020

    Begin on 4/13/20 at 1400 hrs.

  • COST:
    $300 – WSPCA Members
    $350 – Non-Members
    $100 – Observers


  • FLYER:

Canine Liability 360

2-days of “tactics” for the street and court returns to Washington….

Being consistent, making good decisions and keeping proper documentation will limit your liability and make you a better K9 handler and K9 supervisor.

Olympia, Washington
October 20 & 21, 2020 / 0800-1700

Thurston County Emergency Operations Center, 9521 Tilley Rd S, Olympia, WA

Hosted by Thurston County Sheriff’s Office

Course Description: “Canine Liability 360” is still rated by its attendees as the most comprehensive liability course being offered to handlers and K9 supervisors since 2010. This two-day (16 hours) class serves as an essential phase (and required by some agencies) for both the K9 handler and K9 supervisor to assist in managing their K9 program and preparing for their potential “legal defense” to prevail in the event of a lawsuit by examining TAC Team’s “360 Degrees of Responsibility” involving a single purpose patrol or cross-trained police service dog. (This class is not recommended for detection only handlers.) Participants will benefit from the firsthand experiences and recommendations of the instructor as well as others as some recent cases and incidents not found in “case law updates” are reviewed and discussed and the lessons learned shared.

K9 handlers, K9 supervisors, and K9 administrators from the same agency are encouraged to attend together so everyone involved with their respective police dog program can simultaneously learn information and hear recommendations for successfully operating and evaluating their program. By doing so, they should all leave with a better understanding of each other’s duties and responsibilities to reduce their risk and limit their liability. More information about the class can be viewed at http://tacticalk9usa.com

The course topics will include:

  • “Reasons We Get in Trouble”
  • Policy & Operational Manuals
  • “Case Law and Control”
  • Selection and Retention
  • Testing and Training
  • Report writing
  • “The Court of Public Opinion”
  • Deployments / Debriefs
  • Deposition & Trial Testimony
  • Use of Force
  • Off-duty care & compensation
  • Documentation

Instructor: Sergeant Bill Lewis II (Retired) has over 40 years of law enforcement and instructor experience, retiring from the Oxnard (CA) Police Department after serving over 27 years. He was a K9 handler, K9 supervisor, and served on SWAT for over 25 years as a tactical operator and Team Leader. He is an instructor, consultant, expert K9 witness, published author, certifying official for CNCA/CA POST, and former director for both the California Narcotic Canine Association (CNCA) and the California Association of Tactical Officers (CATO). Sergeant Lewis is the owner of Training and Consulting Team (“TAC Team”) and serves as the primary facilitator for TacticalK9USA.com.

Registration: Course restricted to 36 law enforcement personnel on a first-come basis. Tuition is $275.00 per person. Registration deadline is September 18. Reservations are made by email. To make a reservation or request information, contact Bill Lewis II at sgtblewis2@aol.com.

Training and Consulting Team, LLC
P.O. Box 6535
Pine Mountain Club, CA 93222

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  • March 8th, **10AM start**
    Meeting at Chelan Co Sheriffs Office, 401 Washington St, Wenatchee Wa 98801. Our day will start with Spring Seminar walk thru. After walk thru, we will meet at 2PM at Bobs Burgers, 795 Grant RD, East Wenatchee 98802. We will continue the Trainers and Eboard meeting there.

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Accreditation of K-9 teams is provided at no cost to you or your agency Reduced fees to our two annual seminars Having access to our many K-9 trainers located all over the state Being able to network with other handlers around the state