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Network with fellow law enforcement canine handlers and get access to training opportunities, fundraising efforts, and other initiatives aimed at improving both your lives and those of your canines.

Seven WSPCA members kneel in a line with their canines laying at their sides.

Why should you join?

The Washington State Police Canine Association welcomes all police K9 handlers to join and offers a variety of benefits to our members.

Enjoy WSPCA member benefits

Accreditation of K9 teams is provided at no cost to you or your agency.

Accreditation can be a costly process, involving training, evaluation, and certification fees, which may pose a challenge for smaller agencies or departments with limited resources.

Membership in WSPCA can help to reduce this financial burden and make it more accessible for law enforcement agencies to obtain accreditation for their canine teams.

Among the many benefits of accredication are improved safety and effectiveness of canine units, increased public trust and confidence, and enhanced professional development and recognition for team members.

Members enjoy reduced fees to our two annual seminars.

These training seminars provide opportunities for canine handlers and trainers to learn new skills, share best practices, and stay current on the latest developments in canine law enforcement.

By offering reduced fees to members, the association aims to make the seminars more accessible and affordable, while also providing a benefit to its members and encouraging participation in professional development opportunities.

Gain access to our many K9 trainers located all over the state.

The association maintains a directory of trainers who have been vetted and approved by the organization, and who meet established standards of professionalism and expertise in canine law enforcement.

By providing access to this network of trainers, the association aims to support the ongoing training and development of its members' canine units, while also promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing among law enforcement agencies across the state.

Network with other handlers located across Washington.

The association organizes various events, such as seminars, conferences, and training sessions, which bring together canine handlers from different agencies to share experiences, learn from each other, and build relationships.

Through networking, members of the association can expand their professional contacts, stay informed on the latest trends and challenges in canine law enforcement, and gain valuable insights into how other agencies are addressing similar issues or situations.

Membership requirements

Regular membership to this Association shall be open to any active, full-time commissioned law enforcement officer, either state, county, municipal or correction officers or federal law enforcement personnel who have a canine assignment in the state of Washington, who have passed their respective basic academy.

An officer does a training exercise with his canine in a park with trees in the background decorated with Christmas lights.
A canine hangs his head out of a police car window and is focused on something off camera.

Associate membership

Are you out of state, a military K9 officer, or a non K9 Washington commissioned officer?

The agency you work for must supply the WSPCA with a letter verifying that you are a full-time commissioned officer and that you are assigned to work with canine. The letter must be signed by the agency head and accompany this application.

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