About the Washington State Police Canine Association

Supporting law enforcement canine teams across the state of Washington.

About the WSPCA

For more than four decades, the Washington State Police Canine Association has advanced the practice of law enforcement and corrections officers utilizing K9s to protect our communities. Our nonprofit organization was founded in 1978 and runs two training seminars per year hosted by member departments and provides certification for all member teams.

We also provide a formal process to recognize handlers as trainers, and master trainers in generalist patrol, narcotics detection, and explosives detection. Together with our law enforcement partners, we work to promote the practice of using K9s to protect our residents and provide excellence in public service to our communities.

An officer lays next to his canine in the grass, with both focused on a training object.
The mission of the Washington State Police Canine Association is to push for excellence in public safety by advancing the use of K9s as a tool to keep our communities safe.
An officer in uniform sits next to his canine, with both of them looking directly at the camera.

Our mission

Our organization promotes friendship and brotherhood between all of those who use K9s in the field, while establishing performance standards to improve the service K9s and their handlers bring to their residents.

By providing law enforcement agencies with the most up-to-date information and training, we can aid agencies in establishing K9 programs and improve the image of the working police dog to the citizens we serve.

Our organization endeavors to have experienced K9 handlers and trainers available for consultation, while also providing training for officers in the field. The WSPCA is committed to promoting the work of K9s in law enforcement to protect the residents who we've taken an oath to serve.