WSPCA Retired Police Dog Fund

Providing support for retired police dogs in Washington.

Providing support for retired law enforcement canines

Our fund has been established to provide reimbursement for non-routine medical care expenses incurred by handlers of retired police dogs.

The purpose of this fund is to ensure that retired police dogs receive the care they need to live healthy and comfortable lives after their service to law enforcement.

We also welcome public donations to support this non-profit (501c) fund.

A police canine looks at the camera wearing reflective goggles.
We are proud to announce that proceeds from select WSPCA Seminar raffles will support our Retired Police Dog Medical Fund.

Previous seminar raffles have raised $2,113.00, and 100% of this money has gone towards the fund.
A short looping video of a police canine shaking off falling snow.

Are you a handler who would like to be a recipient of this fund?

If you are a handler with a retired police dog, you may register your dog with our fund by completing an official registration form.

In the event that the fund reaches a specified minimum balance, select WSPCA Seminar raffle proceeds will be added to the fund.

If you have incurred non-routine medical expenses for your retired police dog, you can submit a reimbursement request using our official reimbursement form.

Thank you for supporting retired police dogs in Washington through the WSPCA Retired Police Dog Fund.