K9 Bolo


Officer Tom Wenzl

Mount Vernan Police Department

K9 Bolo was just seven months into his career after having passed acreditation. We got dispatched to a robbery of a McDonalds that had just occurred, and found the suspect vehicle in front of us. A pursuit of approximately one mile ensued, and the driver went into a cul-de-sac. As the suspect vehicle tried to escape, an unmarked car blocked his escape route, causing a collision.

The driver suffered a broken leg, and the other two suspects fled. Bo took chase and was less than 40 yards behind them as they went into the woods. Seconds later, a single gun shot rang out. Skagit County Deputy Keith Brown and K9 Eso were arriving, as one suspect exited the other side of the woods directly in front of him. Eso apprehended the suspect, and then joined in the search for Bolo. Eso located Bolo 50 yards into the woods. During the evacuation of Bolo, Eso dissappeared twice and had to be recalled.

Eso had made contact with the second suspect twice, which was learned later during interviews. K9 Bolo received a single gun shut wound through his shoulder, nicking the spine, leaving him partially paralized. He underwent surgery and rehab. He returned to work 5 months later, but was retired after failing agility testing.

Bolo was awarded the Washington State Police Canine Association Medal of Valor, MVPD Distinguised Service Award, and the National Service Dog Award at the AKC German Shepherd Nationals in Perry Georgia. Bolo lived out his retirement continuing to make appearances at schools and talks about Police K9’s. His physical problems finally caught up with in in January of 2000. He was 11 years old.