K9 Lucky


Officer Tom Mitchum

Clark County Sheriff’s Office

In May of 1990 Deputy Tom Mitchum and K9 Lucky responded to a shots fired call. A suspect had fled from a stolen vehicle and subsequently fired at pursuing officers. K9 Lucky was put on the track and tracked through the bush. As Lucky indicated they were getting close to the suspect he entered a heavy bush area and got out of sight of the handler.

Moments later Deputy Mitchum and his backup officer heard a large caliber gunshot from the ridge above them. The officer felt that his dog was down and injured, if not killed. Darkness was nearing and more units closed in on the area. A plainclothes member doing containment reported via radio that he was holding a suspect at gunpoint.

The suspect was in possession of a .357 magnum revolver and a .22 caliber semi-auto handgun. The man admitted to shooting a dog and gave directions where the dog could be located. Deputy Mitchum and assisting officers went back to the scene and found Lucky dead from a single gunshot wound to the chest. Autopsy reports indicate that K9 Lucky was in full charge when shot by the gunman.

Lucky was in service since 1987, credited in 1988 with 46 felony and 97 misdemeanor arrests. In 1989 he had 112 felony and 99 misdemeanor arrests. Prior to his death in 1990 he was responsible for 20 felony and 41 misdemeanor arrests.