K9 Zeke


Officer Dave Doll

Bellingham PD

Bellingham Police Officer Dave Doll and K9 Zeke began working as K-9 partners in 1989. They had been working only a few months when an incident occurred that would forever change the two of them.

In October of 1989, Zeke and David responded to a man with a gun call in the downtown area. During the incident, Zeke was shot by the suspect and seriously injured. He went on to recover and went back to work before he received a well deserved early retirement in 1990. Zeke received the Medal of Valor for his actions that night.

He is the only police dog in the history of the Bellingham Police Department to receive this honor.

Without a doubt, Zeke’s actions that night kept other officers from injury. Zeke passed away in March of 2000.